Saturday, January 19, 2008

Panic on the streets of London

Matters of international business exported me to London for a few days and here is what there is to report.
A. Newcastle Brown Ale: (Newquay Brown)
Its not as classy of a drink as it is here in the states. It's the equivalent of someone coming to the states and ordering a Budweiser. During the summer of 99 in Portugal this guy looked at me and Jayson drinking a Super Bock and said "Why are you not drinking Budweiser? It is the King of Beers!" If he only knew we called in Buttwiper in college.

B. Leave Your Shank at Home:
London is cracking down on a severe knife problem. I think that the campaign slogan should be, "Don't be a wanker drop your shanker!"

C. Americans are not the only environmental A-Holes:
Shock value or not there are still people that think global warming is a fallacy and they are not just from Texas. I spotted this billboard while on the Heathrow express.