Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Andy Kessler :: R.I.P.

I received news last night that my dear friend Andy Kessler passed away. Andy got stung by a wasp in Montauk yesterday and later went into cardiac arrest. A true legend of a person. Andy welcomed me to NYC with open arms and made me feel at home as if I were family. Andy is considered by many to be the most influential figure in east coast skateboarding, even Mark Gonzales has been quoted as calling him "The Authority on New York Skateboarding." If you consider yourself a skater or a surfer you need to know who this man is. I saw Andy riding his bike to the beach on Sunday to check the surf. I drove up next to him and yelled out "Hey get out of the road you fucking homo." Andy just laughed then sped up and started weaving s-turns in front of me.

Andy we miss you buddy.