Friday, May 08, 2009

Euskadi Dreams and Xabier Zirikiain in Paris

I have always had this dream of DJ-ing a party in San Sebastian with The Brothers Marshall. Whenever I go to a discotech in Europe I hardly hear any hip hop much less some dirty south. So in this dream I would sneak in a dirty south set and whichever drop dead gorgeous Spaniard mamacita could move to it would be the mother of my children.

Speaking of the Basque Region. My Favorite Euskadi Person (Xabier Zirikiain)is having a show in Paris. Xabi is one of the founders of Loreak Mendian and one the nicest dudes you could ever meet. Between the 16th and the 23rd of May, Xabier Ziriquiain will be showing part of his work from the last 15 years at the OFR gallery in Paris. The show, called "Travaux Graphiques", will be divided in four themes: family and friends, surf, music and the Basque country.

Xabi sent me this video clip showing how things are getting weird over in San Sebastian. I watched it and thought to myself..........Dude you have no idea how weird things are going to get when we make are way over this fall.....To the windows......To the walls!!!